63. Crispy Fragrant Duck

63. Crispy Fragrant Duck

Probably the most known and popular dish everyone would remember of Chinese Cuisine, the Aromatic Crispy Duck - Pre-marinated in peppercorns before being steamed, the finished flavour is of a hint of pepper and salt. The delicious duck is shredded with skin served with fresh cold chopped cucumbers, cold sliced spring onions, hot pancakes and hoi sin sauce... Quarter Duck comes with 6 pancakes (£9.00). Half Duck comes with 12 pancakes (£16.90)

65. Roast Duck Cantonese Style

65. Roast Duck Cantonese Style

Roast Duck Cantonese style is of a similar taste and finish as the Peking Duck. It is sliced and placed on a bedding of boiled Chinese Leaf with BBQ sauce drizzled on top - £7.80

65L - Lemon Duck

65L - Lemon Duck

Roast Duck coated in egg deep fried and then sliced with lemon sauce drizzled on to - £7.80

66. Duck in Black Bean Sauce

66. Duck in Black Bean Sauce

Duck slices fried with green and red peppers, onions, and carrot slices in the bitter yet tasty black bean sauce - £7.80

67. Duck with Ginger n spring onion

67. Duck with Ginger n spring onion

Duck slices fried with onion slices, ginger, spring onions in a natural juice built up from the ginger and onions - £7.80

68. Duck in Orange Sauce

68. Duck in Orange Sauce

Duck coated in flour and egg deep fried and sliced with sweet orange sauce drizzled on top - £7.80


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