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Can I make a slight alteration to my dish?


Yes of course you can! If there is a sensitivity that you have such as nut allergy, or you're a vegetarian/carnivore or even have a sensitivity to gluten or MSG, we are more than happy to remove these.


Can I customise the set meals to my liking?


Yes you can. A dish or two dishes is allowed for changing. For example, a lot of people like to change the Crispy Shredded Beef to Beef to Black Bean Sauce in Set Meal B for two. This is possible, Just let us know! Some changes may lead to a possible extra charge.


Will I qualify for 10% off discount if I pay part cash, part card on collection?


No I'm afraid. The 10% discount only qualifies for collected orders paid fully in cash.


I cannot find the dish I'm looking for on the menu. Does it mean you don't do it?


Possibly not. There have been many requests for dishes not in our menu such as Kung Po Chicken/Prawn, Chicken/Beef with Mushroom, Crab Meat with Sweetcorn Soup, Pork Chow Mein, CHIPS, Foo Yung and even Fortune Cookies! So please feel free to ask and we'll let you know.


Can I book for a huge party celebration at Zen Garden?


Yes you can. It would be advisable to let us know as soon as possible if you're planning a big evening with us as bookings come thick and fast for the weekends. We have an isolated area at the back of the restaurant which is often used for parties. For birthdays, we offer a singalong and complimentaty dessert for the birthday boy/girl.


Is there parking at Zen Garden?


Yes! We have our own private parking space enough for about 20 cars.


Can I make a portion large?


Yes you can. Perhaps if two portions is too much or one normal portion is not enough, you have this "make it large" option.


I live in a quiet isolated area. My property is hard to look for. Will this be a problem for the delivery driver?


No this will not be a problem. You can help us help you. When calling for a delivery order, please offer as much information as possible to help us find you. We have received orders from people who live in the woods, farms, hilltops or properties with just a house name. Let us know and we'll do our best.


Can I have the Chinese New Year Menu as take-away?


Yes you can. That is no problem at all.


Is the parking free?


As a Zen Garden customer yes it is. All you have to do it register your car registraion onto the tablet in the building. There are signs outside and inside the premisis as a reminder. We would not take responsibilty over any fine produced if you did not register your vehicle. 


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